Level Up with RoboFlat

RoboFlat transforms the concrete floor flatness testing process for robotic warehouses.

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Do You Have Any of These Challenges?

  • Constructing Super Flat Floors

    Your warehouse or facility requires concrete floors that meet stringent flatness and levelness specifications.

  • Addressing Industry Standards

    Your floor testing methods are manual-based and time-consuming, involving specialized skills or complex training.

  • Maintaining Performance

    Uneven floors may be impacting the efficiency of your facility’s robotic system.

RoboFlat transforms and simplifies concrete floor flatness testing, bringing improved accuracy and increased speed to the process. Building owners and contractors can quickly and confidently ensure that their concrete floors address flatness and levelness specifications, in a timely manner.

With advanced precision and optimized speed, RoboFlat automatically calculates the flatness of the entire scanned floor, reshaping what is traditionally a time-consuming, multi-step process.

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Simple Yet Powerful Cloud Solution

Traditional floor flatness testing can be manual and time-consuming, requiring specialized skills or complex training. Not with RoboFlat! Just access RoboFlat’s online portal, upload your scanned data, and take advantage of:

  • Automated processing, from registration to flatness calculations
  • A device-agnostic solution that can support data coming from any manufacturer’s scanner
  • Support for leading standards, including ASTM E1155 and TR34

Floor Flatness Visualization and Reports

RoboFlat automatically generates a variety of files to help teams build floors that conform to specifications. With RoboFlat, you can:

  • Quickly visualize floor flatness and levelness with a color-coded heat map
  • Identify various elevations of the floor across the entire space with a precise contour map
  • Provide stakeholders with a comprehensive report for detailed communication